Second Defibrillator in Leafield

A second Defibrillator has now been installed in Leafield – this has been positioned on the wall of the Pavilion, next to the Village Hall.  This has been purchased with funding available from WODC and the remaining being split between the Parish Council and Village Hall.

South Central Ambulance Service have offered some more CPR/Defibrillator training too – one session will take place at Evergreens’ September Meeting on Tuesday 27th (3pm) and the Guides will host another training session (date to be confirmed) – both in the Village Hall.  Contact if you would be interested in attending either session.

Save a Lift is a free Android and Apple app from South Central Ambulance Service that uses GPS functionality to show where your nearest defibrillator is.  It also features videos, cardiopulmonary resuscitation instructions and a section that will answer many of your cardiac arrest and heart attack questions.  Go to and find your nearest defibrillator before it’s too late.