BT public payphone removals consultation

BT has identified 72 public payphones in the district that they propose to remove and they have placed consultation notices on all the relevant payphones.
View the BT consultation letter, including a list of the public payphones in the District which are proposed for removal.
In Leafield we have 2 of these: one on Lower End, the other on The Green
If you wish to comment on the proposed removals please email the District Council via
The deadline for feedback to the Council is Friday 23 December 2016.
All feedback will be passed on to BT as part of the consultation. The BT consultation will close on 13 January 2017.
The District Council has notified Town and Parish Councils of the proposed payphone removals.
The options available are to agree, object to the removal of telephony services or seek to adopt the call box.  Please note that objections will need to be justified by suitable evidence (e.g. social need or inadequate mobile phone coverage).If we were to ‘adopt the call box’, the telephony is removed, and the community takes on the ownership of the call box to use as it sees fit.  For further information on adoption, please visit