Highlights of the August 14th Parish Council Meeting

The August Parish Council Meeting had a packed agenda and we were pleased to see an increase in numbers of residents attending over the past few meetings.

We co-opted Adrian Russ (usually known as Jeremy) to the Council, giving us a total of five councillors to help with the workload.  We are still two councillors short of our seven seats, so we would like to hear from anyone who is interested in joining.

It was disappointing to note that Gigaclear will be needing to re-excavate Lower End to rectify a total of eight faults found on the recently installed line.  When this is complete they have promised to reinstate the grass verges in Lower End and around the broadband cabinet on the Green to their previous condition.

District Councillor Gill Hill outlined West Oxfordshire District Council’s plan to tackle the ‘climate emergency’ and the Parish Council confirmed their Climate Change Sub Committee meeting would be taking place on Wednesday 25th September at 8pm– all are welcome to help identify initiatives for the village.

Remedial works on the playground equipment were approved following the annual ROSPA risk assessment.  The equipment is now getting old so it is hoped that a project for its replacement, together with a grant application, can be undertaken in the future.  In addition, works were required to maintain the Village Hall and Pavilion building and emergency exits.

The CCTV system has now been reinstated with help from a local organisation who supplied equipment and help free of charge.  The Council is very grateful for the assistance and now has a system which will stay in place until the planned extension is built.

The biennial tree survey highlighted some work required to Council trees and it is hoped that this will be completed over the next few weeks by our contractors Bowards.

The Council website www.leafieldvillage.co.uk has been going for some years now but a newly-introduced public sector website law has tasked the Council with ensuring that it is accessible for all its users.  An Accessibility Statement is to be published on the website and we are looking at the possibility of a new website which will deliver the required functionality.

Following the loss of its previous sponsorship, we were approached for an annual grant of £750 towards The Villager bus which is a much appreciated local resource.  The Council were keen to ensure that the service continues so this amount has been donated from the annual budget allocation.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 11th September at 8pm in the Pavilion.

Sharon Henley

Clerk to Leafield Parish Council

Email: leafieldparishcouncil@outlook.com

Phone:  07756 333703