From the sixteenth century to the eighteenth, when a person died and his will had to be proved it was customary for an inventory to be made of all his moveable goods. They were often compiled room by room and give a fascinating picture of how houses were furnished. The Oxford Record Office has many inventories for people who lived at Leafield, most dating from the seventeenth century.

In some cases we can trace in which houses the people named in inventories they lived. Most of the old houses in Leafield give the outward appearance of having been built in between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, but some were partially rebuilt from an earlier core. The group of old cottages including the Leazings on the west side of Witney Lane, for example, has been extended from a medieval hall-house of c 1380-1440. The 1609 survey lists 22 houses; 6 of them, mostly the larger ones, were described as messuages and 18 as cottages.

Leafield cottages

Larger houses