Larger houses

Many houses were bigger than these, 4 rooms being fairly common, but some were larger still. One of the richest people living in Leafield in the seventeenth century was John Harris, a weaver, who died in 1613. The value of the goods listed in Harris’s inventory totalled over £300. He lived in Lowborough House, which he leased, which was probably then newly built as it is not mentioned in the 1609 survey. The house had many rooms and outbuildings including the hall, the kitchen, the buttery, the chamber within the hall, the chamber over the hall, the chamber over the kitchen, a garner or grain store, a mill house and a kill house. The rooms were much more comfortably furnished; the items are too numerous to list but included a number of luxury items such a carpet, 12 cushions, curtains, a cupboard with wainscot and a Bible and other books. As well as being a weaver, he evidently farmed on a large scale for he owned 124 sheep, 16 lambs, 6 pigs, a team of horses, farm equipment and a crop of corn yet to be cut worth £70.

Another wealthy individual was Thomas Ashworth, a farmer who died in 1679. His goods were worth £120. He owned two houses. The first was Potash House, (or Pot House as it is now called) at the junction of Witney Lane and Buttermilk Lane. The second, the house in which he lived, was the Slatt House, later known as Lower End Farm, the buildings of which have now been converted into a group of individual houses. The rooms in the Slatt house included the hall, the dining room, the study (not perhaps so grand as it sounds since it contained a still as well as books!), the kitchen, the buttery, the red chamber, the hall chamber and the garret. All were lavishly furnished; the red chamber, for example, contained a bedstead with curtains and valence, a table, 6 chairs, a carpet, a rug and a looking glass. There was a clock in the hall and he owned a watch, both rarities at this time.


Lower end farm converted into modern houses


The ‘Potters Arms’ renamed to ‘Brahms and List’ then ‘Spindleberry Inn and Restaurant’