Leafield Parish Council: Councillor and Meeting Updates

Parish Council Updates

We are pleased to welcome 3 new Councillors to Leafield Parish Council: Sam Haines, Mandy Wood and Andy Wright, and now have the full quota of Councillors.

If there is anything you would like to raise with the Parish Council, please contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance on leafieldparishcouncil@outlook.com or 07926 499772. Helen Fallows has returned from Maternity Leave and a job-share has been established with Sharon Henley, who also undertakes the role of Responsible Financial Officer.  Your enquiry will be answered or sent to the Parish Councillors for consideration as necessary.

Our current Councillors are:

Chair: Juli King (julikinglpc@outlook.com)   01993 878171 – Answer phone for non urgent concerns.

Vice-chair: Luke Caunt (lukecauntlpc@outlook.com)

Jackie Hitchman (jackiehitchmanlpc@outlook.com)

Tim Seton (timsetonlpc@outlook.com)

Sam Haines (samhaineslpc@outlook.com)   

Mandy Wood (mandywoodlpc@outlook.com)

Andy Wright (andywrightlpc@outlook.com)

Parish Council

Any resident can submit correspondence to the Parish Council and this is logged and followed up by the Parish clerk.  A correspondence register is kept and this is discussed at the end of each Parish Council meeting, including where a response or action is required.  For a matter to be raised at the current month’s Parish Council meeting, please submit correspondence by either email or letter.

Meeting format: We welcome you to attend the meeting of councillors and usually permit comment by the public on agenda items during the meeting. We remind you that comments should be made through the Chairman. However, in order to assist the smooth running of Parish Council meetings in a timely manner, the format of meetings has been modified in accordance with correct procedures. This allows councillor discussion and the opportunity to vote in accordance with Council business.

Please note the following points: 

* Within the section on the Agenda for ‘Public Participation’, the meeting will be adjourned and members of the public will be invited though the Chairman to comment on Agenda items only, for a maximum of five minutes each.  Prior to the start of the meeting residents attending will be asked by the Clerk if they wish to speak, but this can only be related to items on the Agenda.

* If residents would like to have an item added to the Agenda this must be sent to the Parish Clerk at least 10 days prior to the Parish Council meeting so it can be considered and included.  Agendas are posted on noticeboards and on the website 3 days before the Parish Council meeting (held on the last Wednesday of each month).

* If you would like to speak at the Parish Council meeting under the Public participation section, you can inform the Parish Clerk prior to the meeting, or at the meeting before it commences at 8pm.