Leafield Pictures by Leafield residents

The move to decorate Leafield village hall with “Leafield pictures by Leafield residents” culminated in a fine display on July 13. Adults submitted eight photographs, seven paintings and even a ceramic plaque made from Leafield clay. The children of Leafield school brought twenty beautiful paintings and drawings. They came to view all the entries and proved to be good art critics as well!

It is hoped to hang as many pictures as possible throughout the hall complex. Some at least should be framed and mounted by the end of this year, with wall labels giving the artist’s/photographer’s name, subject and date of the work. We shall keep everyone informed of progress.

We are grateful to Hannah Cervenka, Arts and Development Manager for WODC for her advice and support. Also to Chris, Elizabeth, Janey and Olive for their practical help, and to all who participated in the competition and in the art & photography workshops held in the hall in April. A special thank you, to Christian McGuiness, headmaster, and the teachers, parents and helpers at Leafield school.

Heather Jarvis and Jeanette Cayley

Leafield Big Art Competition