Let’s all regularly check on our neighbours

Over the coming days, weeks and months, it’s likely that some of our Leafield community will be required to self-isolate. Let’s help each other, as best we can, to get through this period of anxiety, uncertainty and potential loneliness.

Please think about the needs of your neighbours, especially (but not exclusively) the elderly and vulnerable. Give them a call or knock on their door to check they’re OK. Make sure they have food and other essential items, check whether they need help with shopping and make sure they have your phone number(s).

If you are self-isolating and do not have help from anyone else, please contact Christina, our voluntary Local Co-ordinator for the Village, and we will find a way to get help to you. All help will be from local volunteers who will do their best but cannot guarantee to source specific products or services.

Christina Wilson can be contacted by phone on 07387 267714 or email CPJW74@icloud.com

Please also make contact if you are able to offer any help with the voluntary service.

Leafield Parish Council Contact Details

Parish Clerk: Sharon Henley
Phone 07756 333703 or email leafieldparishcouncil@outlook.com

Chairman: Gina Pearce
Phone 07899 797735 or email ginapearcelpc@outlook.com

Keeping up to date about Coronavirus

Guidance related to Coronavirus is changing daily. We can all help to minimise risk, prepare ourselves for potential self-isolation and protect the most vulnerable members of our community by following trusted sources of information.
The NHS website provides information about the virus, potential symptoms, guidance on how to self-isolate, details about their 111 service and links to the official Government information for travel advice and action plans at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus

NHS 111 online service available at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus

An online 111 service is available from the NHS website. If you have access to the internet, please use this online service if:
◊ you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home
◊ Your condition gets worse
◊ Your symptoms do not get better after 7 days

Please only call 111 if you cannot get help from the online service.

Watch out for Coronavirus scams

According to OWL (Online Watch Link), fraudsters are exploiting the spread of Coronavirus to facilitate various types of fraud.

◌ Watch out for scam messages: Don’t click on the links or attachments in suspicious emails
◌ Never respond to unsolicited messages and calls that ask for your personal or financial details.
◌ Exercise the same caution that you normally would and don’t allow anyone unfamiliar into your property, even if they are offering help.

To report a fraud or a scam: ActionFraud.police.uk / 0300 123 2040