Reinstalling a Red Telephone Box on The Green

Good News! We have been fortunate enough to buy a local telephone box from Poffley End. The box is now in the village and will be renovated over the next few months.

The goal is to raise £2,000.  We are fortunate to have received a donation of £650 from the ‘Save The Fox Campaign’ and the Teas, Cake, Music and Theatre raised £562, so we need to raise a further £788. The £2,000 will pay for the following:

  • Purchase of the telephone box.
  • Materials and supplies for renovations; windows, paint, door frame, telephone signs, etc.
  • Interior display areas so that it can be used for many different purposes, such as book shelves, slots for leaflets, a box to store games, a place for art work, etc.
  • Costs of future upkeep, at least for the next few years.

Ideas for the box so far include:

  • Small library
  • Information kiosk for village events
  • Swap / barter pin-up board
  • Local history display
  • Leaflets with local walks
  • Storage for a badminton set, boules, and other games
  • Art space for work created by local children and adults
  • ‘Take over the box month’, an opportunity for local groups to take over the box to advertise their group, display information or use it for a one-off event to fundraise.

Note: As we are fortunate to already have two defibrillators in the village, one at the village hall and one on the outside of The Fox, we will not use the telephone box for this purpose.

Deborah Triff

If you have any more ideas or comments please email or