Update: Removal of Old Chestnut Tree on The Green

UPDATE: There will be a special public meeting of the Parish Council on Wednesday 24th June 8pm at the Village Hall to discuss this issue and explain why we may have to make the difficult decision to remove this tree. Any decision to fell the tree will now be postponed until after this meeting.

Original story:

Leafield Parish Council regrets to inform its residents that a chestnut tree currently on The Green is to be removed during the week of 29th July 2013.

The tree is very old, in poor condition and has caused some serious structural damage to a neighbouring property.

Leafield Parish Council asked the District Council to place a temporary preservation order on the tree whilst it consulted surveyors, insurers and tree surgeons. The reports were then forwarded to west oxfordshire council who reviewed the information and informed Leafield Parish Council the correct course of action was to remove the tree and the preservation order has now been lifted.

A replacement tree will be planted once the work has been completed on 29th july.

For more information please contact leafieldparishcouncil@gmail.com