Subsidised Bus Services Under Threat

In recently propose cuts Oxfordshire County Council is recommending the withdrawal of of the subsidised C1 and T1 local bus services to Leafield.

Our community is entirely dependent on the subsidised services under threat as no daily commercial services connect Leafield to Witney or Charlbury.  The scale of the cuts outlined in the consultation document, if carried through, could lead to Leafield becoming one of the most isolated villages in Oxfordshire for a village of its size.

Leafield may only be 18 miles Northwest of Oxford but after the proposed cuts the village could be up to 3 hours away in total via public transport including a 2.5 mile walk to Finstock to catch the nearest regular bus along winding unlit roads with no pavements. This 3 hour journey each way would mean it is no longer viable for residents of Leafield to commute to Oxford by public transport.

Leafield Parish Council has written to to Oxfordshire County Council to express the concern and dismay of Leafield residents at the threat of deep, significant and destructive cuts to our local bus services.

Read the full response from Leafield Parish Council here »

If you’d like to add your voice to the objections surrounding these proposed cuts please contact our local council representatives:

Councillor Simon Hoare (WODC) and Councillor Louise Chapman (OCC)